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EMR - Electronic Medical Records

FileLink for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Insurance Claims

FileLink is the best choice for transferring medical records (EMR) and insurance claims.

EMR (Electronic Medical Records) is playing a major role in the medical industry's ongoing shift to convert paper cluttered offices, where information gets lost in the shuffle or important data is misinterpreted, to an electronic office where patient records can all be stored on a desktop. With the development of Health Level 7 (HL7), the medical industry has a standard on which to build EMR. Therefore, records can now be created electronically and passed between insurance companies, other medical offices, or hospitals with data integrity.

EMR Software Integration

FileLink is not a full EMR package, but works with EMR software (HL7 files) to provide the ability to send medical records securely to another location using various protocols, such as z-modem, y-modem, and FTP. There are many applications for FileLink related to the medical industry, including transferring lab reports to/from research facilities such as LabCorp and transferring EMR from family practitioners to specialist offices. The list goes on and on. FileLink easily integrates into any EMR software package, so it runs seamlessly 'behind the scenes' and allows the EMR software to focus on the collection and processing of data while we put our communications experience into the safe transfer of the electronic medical records.

U.S. Government Involvement

The United States Government will soon have no choice but to require all medical records to be available in electronic format. According to a study by Reuters (published July 28, 2004), there were close to 195,000 deaths in the United States related to medical errors in 2003. Examples of these medical errors include bad handwriting leading to the wrong presciptions and mistaken analysis. With the development of HL7, there is a standard by which the medical industry can base the conversion of their medical records to EMR.

EMR with Confidence

FileLink is built on Serengeti's 20 years of experience, so you can rest assured your medical records will be transferred safely and securely.

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