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Procomm Plus vs FileLink Replaces Symantec's Terminal Emulator
Procomm's Replacement

FileLink is Procomm Plus's Replacement for Automated File Transfers

Are you looking to replace Procomm Plus with an updated application? Look no further!

FileLink is the perfect replacement for Procomm Plus. FileLink is a Terminal Emulator product designed to perform the same or similar file transfers on a repeated or scheduled basis through the use of script files. FileLink script files, similar to batch files, are built from the 100+ commands that make up the script language. Your automated script can run from a command prompt or a desktop icon. It can also be scheduled to start automatically or run continuously as an NT service.

FileLink's script language provides all the features you need to automatically dial your modem, recognize host prompts, send logon and password strings, send and receive text and binary files using multiple file transfer protocols (Kermit, XModem, ZModem, YModem), detect and handle error conditions, log results, wait for the next session, and much, much more. It even includes a script editor for easy script editing (seen to the right).

FileLink's script editor

FileLink is actively developed

Why would you trust your critical business workflow to other companies who stopped developing their products years ago? Serengeti Systems prides itself on continuing the development of existing products, because we know the success of your business depends on it. Serengeti is constantly striving to enhance our products to offer you the utmost in reliable file transfers.

FileLink is supported on Windows XP and Server 2003

Serengeti's customer support is second to none, our technicians are available via phone and email to answer any technical or non-technical questions you may have. Unlike the competition, FileLink is fully supported on all versions of Windows, including Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

Call us at (512) 345-2211 for more information.

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