3770Link SNA/RJE Emulation

Installation Guide


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Table of Contents

Technical Support
3770Link Remote (3770/R)
3770Link Client (3770/C)
Hardware Installation
Software Installation
Software Removal
Serengeti License Manager
License Manager Instructions
First Run Authorization
Full License Authorization...
Remove License Authorization...
Transfer License Out to Other Location
Prepare to Transfer License In form Other Location
Requesting a Site Key
E-mail or Fax
Upgrading from a Previous Version of 3770Link
Running 3770Link GUI for the First Time
Configuring Physical Unit
Configuring Connection
Configuring Logical Units
Opening a Communications Session
Running 3770Link SO for Unattended Sessions
Installing and Configuring Microsoft SNA Server
Installing SNA Server
Installing SNA Server Client
Installing SNA Workstation
Configuring SNA Server and SNA Workstation for use with 3770Link
Installing and Configuring IBM Communications Server
Installing Communications Server
Installing SNA API Clients
Configuring IBM Communications Server for use with 3770Link

Technical Support

Serengeti Systems support services help ensure your success. Visit the Serengeti web sage (http://www.serengetisystems.com) to explore the support plan that is right for you.

  • Access to Serengeti Technical Support is available from within the 3770Link GUI by way of your web browser or e-mail (assuming either or both of these are installed on the same PC as 3770Link). Open the Help menu, click Technical Support, and follow the links to the Serengeti Technical Support or to access our support staff via e-mail (see below for more information).

  • Visit the Serengeti web site (http://www.serengetisystems.com) directly to access our online technical database. You'll find answers to many of the most commonly asked questions at your fingertips.

    If you are unable to find the answer to your question in the online knowledge base, there is also a link to e-mail support from the web site. This page also gives detailed instructions for gathering the information that our support technicians are likely to need in order to diagnose your problem.

  • If web access is unavailable, sum up your question or problem in an e-mail, place your serial number in the subject line and submit this to . This will place the query into our automated support system and the first available support technician will answer your request.


Requests for License Manager authorizations are not accepted by telephone. These requests must be submitted online, via fax, or via e-mail. See the section entitled Serengeti License Manager for more information.