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Serengeti Bisync Emulation Products for Windows and Unix

Serengeti Systems has been providing desktop and network infastructure bisync solutions since 1988.

Serengeti offers 3780Link which is a complete desktop IBM 3780/2780 BSC/RJE terminal emulator and BSCLIB which is a bisync protocol API supporting point-to-point and multi-point connections. For bisync to TCP/IP connectivity, ask about the Serengeti BlueBridge project.


3780Link provides simple and reliable IBM 3780/2780 BSC/RJE terminal emulation with an integrated script language, interactive console and application integration interfaces. More info...


BSCLIB is a software tool kit used to create customized application programs with embedded support for either the point-to-point Binary Synchronous Communications protocol specific to IBM 3780 and 2780 data terminals, or the multi-point version often required by 3270 terminals and other devices. More info...


BlueBridge is an ongoing project using BSCLIB to create bisync to FTP and bisync to Telnet inter-connectivity. BlueBridge is not a commercial product but we make the source code for this project available to qualified BSCLIB customers who are interested. For more information, e-mail us.

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