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Bisync Protocol Developer's Tool Kit (BSCLib) BSCLIB - Developer's Tool Kit

Bisync Protocol Developer's Tool Kit

Supporting Windows, Linux, AIX and Solaris Platforms Featuring Both Point-to-Point and Multi-Point Bisync Emulation

BSCLIB is a software tool kit used to create customized application programs with embedded support for either the point-to-point Binary Synchronous Communications protocol specific to IBM 3780 and 2780 data terminals, or the multi-point version often required by 3270 terminals and other devices. This IBM protocol is also known as bisync or, simply, BSC. The tool kit provides a record-oriented Application Programming Interface (API) that works with many popular programming languages including Visual BASIC, C, C++, Java, and COBOL on Windows PCs and many Unix platforms.

BSCLIB Applications

BSCLIB can be used to create data collection and distribution systems that connect a PC with your customers, suppliers, plants, store locations, or other remote sites which utilize the BSC protocol. BSCLIB applications include accessing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) mailboxes, creating PC-based VTAM and JES replacement systems, point-of-sale (POS) data collection, ATM machine connectivity, and other transaction-oriented BSC applications.

Application Programming Interface (API)

The tool kit's API provides a straight-forward means of controlling the information flow between your application and a BSC communications link. This allows you to incorporate integrated, customized communication sessions that are totally transparent to end-users of your application.

With BSCLIB, accessing a BSC communications link is similar to record-oriented sequential file I/O. Your application opens a link, reads or writes fixed- or variable-length records, and closes the link. In most cases, your application is shielded from bisync protocol details by BSCLIB's high-level API. If lower-level control is needed, BSCLIB provides more advanced access to your application.

Software Development Kit vs. Run-Time Library

BSCLIB is available as both a Software Developer's Kit (SDK) and as a Run-Time (RT) package. Reusable sample code is provided with the BSCLIB SDK. One SDK license is required to develop your application. A separate Run-Time license is required for each instance of your application put into service.

Standard vs. AutoSync Versions

The BSCLIB is available in two single-port versions. The Standard version includes both BSCLIB emulation software and a synchronous adapter. This version is intended for the following environments:
  • An existing modem is to be used
  • Leased line or direct connection via modem eliminator is to be used
  • A Bell compatible 201 (2400 bps) or 208 (4800 bps) modem is required
The AutoSync version does not require the use of the synchronous adapter, but does require a specific modem -- namely a Hayes Optima 336 or 56K Business Modem. The AutoSync version uses a standard COM port connected to the Optima modem for dial-up, 9600 bps (or faster) connections to a host computer. The host must support V.32/V.34 modems over dial-up phone lines if you wish use the AutoSync version of BSCLIB.

Multi-Port Version

The multi-port version of BSCLIB utilizes up to four SyncPCI adapters or the 8-port SmartSync/DCP multi-port communications co-processor adapter when more than one simultaneous BSC connection is desired from a single PC. Multiple SmartSync/DCP adapters are supported if more than eight connections are required.

More details about BSCLib Features and Requirements.

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