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Automatic FTP file transfers

Robo-FTP: Secure, Script-Driven FTP Client

Robo-FTP offers secure, automated, script-driven FTP file transfers of unequaled power and flexibility.

Robo-FTP is not your run-of-the-mill FTP client. In fact, it is as much a development tool as it is an FTP client. Robo-FTP, designed for unattended operation, features a powerful and flexible, yet easy-to-learn, script language. Robo-FTP supports SSL and SSH connections and PGP encryption/decryption for secure file transfers and COM/OLE automation permitting programmatic control.

Robo-FTP is designed to perform the same or similar FTP file transfers on a repeated or scheduled basis through the use of FTP script files. Robo-FTP script files, similar to batch files, are built from the 100+ commands that make up the Robo-FTP script language. Your automated FTP script can run from a command prompt or a desktop icon. It can also be scheduled to start automatically or run continuously as an NT service.

It does takes an investment in time upfront to learn the Robo-FTP script language. To be honest, if you are not comfortable with doing a little "programming" then Robo-FTP may not be the best product for you -- Robo-FTP includes a Script File Wizard to assist in the creation of basic scripts, but often such scripts are merely a jumping off point for more complex applications.

If you have an application for automated FTP, but you do not want to get into Robo-FTP script language, don't browse to another web site just yet. We can write the script(s) for you with our Script Writing Service.

 » Visit the Robo-FTP product web site for full details on script-driven, secure FTP file transfer.

 » For FTP files transfers plus async communications (including Xmodem and Zmodem file transfers) in an all-in-one package, see FileLink.

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