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FileLink script commands provide all the tools you need for automated file transfers.

Script Commands

FileLink script commands provide all the tools you need for automatic file transfers. Below is summary of FileLink script commands:
Configuration Commands
PROTOCOL Specify default file transfer protocol
USEPORT Specify COM port and parameters
Direct User Interface Commands
ASK Display question in a Yes/No dialog box
MESSAGEBOX Display text in message box
PLAYSOUND Play a sound (.wav) file
PROMPT Display message box with title and prompt, and accept user input
TERMINAL Activate terminal applet
Host Mode Authorization Commands
AUTHDATA Obtain user data from authorization file
AUTHPW Verify remote user password
AUTHUSER Verify remote user name
Link Connection/Establishment and Disconnect Commands
ANSWER Wait for incoming telephone call
CONNECT Open direct connection
DIAL Initiate modem auto-dialer
DIALNET Initiate auto-dial connection via Dial-Up Networking
DISCONNECT Disconnect the line
Local File Commands
APPEND Append one file to another
CHGDIR An alias for the WORKINGDIR command
COPY Copy one file to another
DELDIR Delete an empty local folder
DELETE Delete a file
EXPORT Export configuration settings to a file
IMPORT Import configuration settings from a file
LISTDIR Write local directory listing to a file
MAKEFILENAME Create a unique, non-existant file name
MOVE Move one file to another location
MAKEDIR Create a new local folder
PRINT Print a file
READFILE Read string variable value from text file
READXTBL Read ASCII - EBCDIC translation table file
RENAME Rename a file
UNZIP Extract file(s) from a zip archive
WRITEFILE Write character string or string variable value to text file
WORKINGDIR Specify default working folder
ZIP Create or add to a zip archive
Log File Control Commands
CONSOLE Control output to console window
LOG Specify the script log file name
LOGMSG Write a message to the script log file
LOGNTEVENT Write a message to the NT application event log
TRACELOG Specify trace/diagnostic log file name
Modem Control Commands
MODEMCMD Send AT command to modem
MODEMDEFAULTS Restore modem factory default settings
MODEMDETECT Detect first available COM port and/or modem in system
MODEMRESET Send reset command to modem
MODEMRESP Read response to command sent to modem
SPEAKER Control modem speaker mode
Script File Branching Commands
GOTO Direct flow to label
IFDATEConditional branch upon file date comparison
IFERROR Conditional branch after testing result code
IFFILE Conditional branch on file existence
IFNFILE Conditional branch on file non-existence
IFNO Conditional branch if �No� is clicked in ASK dialog box
IFNSTRCMP Conditional branch when two string variables are not equal
IFNSUBSTR Conditional branch if sub-string is not found in string variable
IFNUM Conditional branch upon numeric variable comparison
IFSIZEConditional branch upon file size comparison
IFSTRCMP Conditional branch when two string variables are equal
IFSUBSTR Conditional branch if sub-string is found in string variable
IFYES Conditional branch if �Yes� is clicked in ASK dialog box
LOOPCOUNT Set maximum loop repetition
LOOPIF Conditional branch used in conjunction with LOOPCOUNT
LOOPTO Unconditional branch used in conjunction with LOOPCOUNT
Script File Control Commands
CALL Call another script file
CHAIN Transfer to another script file
CRON Script scheduling using crontab file
DATEADD Add days to a date variable
DATESUB Subtract days from a date variable
DEC Decrement a variable by one
DISPLAY Display all or a specified variable
DOSCMD Execute an internal MS-DOS command
EXEC Execute an external program
EXIT Quit FileLink
INC Increment a variable by one
PAUSE Pause for specified length of time or until specified hour:minute
PERFORM Execute script command contained in character string or variable
REMOTECMD Perform a script command received via a COM port
SENDCMD Send script command to remote FileLink (same as LINEOUT)
SET Assign or concatenate string variable(s)
SETLEFT Extract left substring
SETMID Extract mid substring
SETNUM Assign or evaluate numeric variable(s)
SETRIGHT Extract right substring
STOP Stops script processing
Function Directives and Commands
BEGINFUNCTIONS Begin function declaration section in script file
ENDFUNCTION End function declaration
ENDFUNCTIONS End function declaration section in script file
FUNCTION Begin function declaration
RETURN Force return from a function
Serial COM Port I/O Commands
FLUSH Flush characters from receive buffer
LINEIN Read one or more characters from COM port
LINEOUT Write one or more characters to COM port
Transmission and Reception Commands
FILECOMPAREFROMCompare file size and time/date stamp from server
FILECOMPARETOCompare file size and time/date stamp to server
GETNEXTFILE Get next file in a local directory - the hot send feature
NATO Specify a no activity time-out
RCVFILE Receive one or more files
SENDFILE Send one or more files
E-mail Commands
CREATEMAIL Create an e-mail message
GETMAIL Get an e-mail message
SENDMAIL Send an e-mail message
Window Control Commands
MINIMIZE Minimize FileLink window
RESTORE Restore minimized FileLink window to original size
TRACEWINControl trace/debugging window

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